NRG Fitness | Cincinnati, OH

Mackenzie Green

Mackenzie has been a fitness professional since early 2018 and has been on her own fitness journey since 2009 when she entered into the cycling community. In 2012, Mackenzie raced her first professional cyclocross race at the age of 15 and remained in the elite ranks until she stopped racing in 2016. Throughout her career she accumulated podium placings at Cyclocross Nationals in age group and Collegiate ranks, Collegiate Track Nationals, and Collegiate Mountain Bike Nationals. During her cycling career, she also competed in professional criterium races at well-loved courses such as Tulsa Tough and the Tour of America’s Dairyland. These experiences gave her expert insight to what it takes to compete as a high-level endurance athlete and a unique knowledge on how to best train for performance. Since stepping back from racing to focus on overall health and wellness, Mackenzie has become experienced in combining avenues such as nutrition, mental health, sleep, and activity to become healthier and more balanced. As a current Dietetics student with a concentration in Sports Nutrition at the University of Cincinnati, combined with personal experience with food sensitivities and gut health, Mackenzie’s passion is using nutrition and overall wellness to reach health goals and become a better you. With diverse experience in sports performance and general wellness, Mackenzie is excited to help you reach your personal goals. The use of science and evidence based techniques with a holistic approach to health is a valuable combination for success, especially in a world dominated by click-bait internet articles and false information.


ACE Certified Personal Trainer
CPR-AED Certified