NRG Fitness | Cincinnati, OH

Kat Kohler

Kat is a life long athlete with a background in martial arts, Div 1 Sabre Fencing & coaching, triathlons, and adventure races. Many individuals who enjoy these sports do them just as much for mental health as they do physical which makes injury that much more devastating. As a personal trainer and MAT practitioner, Kat works with all ages and athletic levels to restore movement and enhance performance. Kat uses MAT, breathing techniques, mindfulness a variety of other modalities to curate a custom solution for the whole individual.

  • MAT - Jumpstart Graduate
  • MAT - Specialist Graduate
  • NASM - CPT
  • FRC Mobility Specialist
  • Egoscue Posture Alignment Specialist
  • CPR and First Aid
  • Pre/Post Natal Certified