NRG Fitness | Cincinnati, OH

Mike Miller

BA Physical Education & Health
MAT Internship Graduate

Mike started his journey to becoming a Fitness Professional 16 years ago. It all started with a challenge from the team’s head soccer coach in college.  He challenged them, after watching a short clip from an Ironman video featuring Dick and Ricky Hoyt, to complete a triathlon as part of their off season training.  “I was a graduate assistant coach at the time and didn’t need to do but I have always believed in leading by example.“ During this time in training is when Mike found his passion for endurance sports and pushing his body to new levels and ultimately down the path to becoming a Personal Trainer.

Mike has always had a passion for helping others.  The choice to pursue this career path only made sense.  Now 15 years later he has not looked back once.  Continuing to hone his skills and continuing to expand his education Mike drives daily so that others may reach their goals. 

Personal Accomplishments:
Ironman Finisher (x’s 4)
Xterra Triathlon National Qualifier (x’s 4)
Leadville 100 Finisher