Women's Cx Project

NRG Fitness | Cincinnati, OH

Kids are our future.  As parents and leaders, we know and understand their importance. As past (and trying to be in the present!) athletes ourselves, we have spent our lives dedicated to understanding performance and how to make it better.  Most of us have suffered injuries along the way.  We believe reaching out to today's youth and giving them the best support possible with Muscle Activation Techniques, sound nutrition, and great exercise processes that are safe and effective will give them a huge advantage in keeping themselves safe and active for years to come.  

At the same time, athletics is a way of teaching life skills to our kids.  Sport is not purely about competition,  but about learning how to act as great human beings along side others in this world with character traits that will progress us as a society.  We are able to imbue these thoughts as we work with the athletes. 

We choose to support the Women's Cx Project as their leadership's beliefs are similar to ours, growing and forging the youth of today to be leaders of tomorrow.  

Check out the ladies in action at local Cyclocross events around the Tri-State! 


Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/wcxproject/