NRG Fitness | Cincinnati, OH

NRG Fitness | Cincinnati, OH

Aaron Lakanen

MAT Mastery, Internship, & Jumpstart Instructor
MAT Rx Foot and Hand Certified/Master Specialist
Resistance Training Specialist Mastery Level
NASM-Performance Enhancement Specialist
USA Track and Field Level I Coach
ROCKTAPE-FMT Basic and Performance
Reebok-Reactive Neuromuscular Training Certified

Inspiring Optimal Fitness with Muscle Activation Techniques

Aaron Lakanen is a dedicated and passionate fitness professional, entering the field in 1999. He has spent his entire career learning more about the human body, the greatest creation, to best serve his clients and students in their desire to seek optimal function and performance. Beginning his career in Minnesota as a trainer, he was quickly exposed to great educators and information in the fitness industry.  One of the people he met was Tom Purvis, who directed his students to study MAT, as he believed it was the future of the fitness industry.  As his career developed, he was recruited to work in Cincinnati, Ohio as an educator and manager for fitness pioneer Bob Esquerre. Bob met Aaron at a workshop and discovered his talents as an educator. Under Bob’s guidance, Aaron started teaching workshops focused on biomechanics and exercise at a regional and national level.  At the same time, Aaron developed and implemented a personal training model for a sports club chain in the Midwest, teaching managers to run their personal training department as a profitable business unit. In 2005, Aaron met Greg Roskopf at the MAT Internship in Columbus, Ohio, and the missing link he was seeking in his fitness practice was finally found. Successfully integrating MAT into his existing fitness practice, he sought out further education in the MAT Paradigm. After becoming a MAT Mastery Level Specialist and excelling with his personal practice, he sought out being an educator for MAT as he wanted to be able to pass on the skill-set to others.  His fitness industry experience as a trainer, educator, business developer, and collegiate track and field coach, allow his thought provoking workshops to immediately enhance the skill-set of attendees.

Aaron also travels around North American as en educator for Muscle Activation Techniques, teaching the principles of MAT to new practitioners and helping refine the skill-sets of current practitioners. 

 Here are his specialties as a trainer:

  • increasing neuro-muscular system function
  • Improving biomechanical efficiency
  • Speeding up recovery time
  • Prevention of injuries
  • Enhancing athletic performance

Whether you’re an athlete, weekend warrior, or just want to extend your active years, Aaron will work with you to correct and stabilize neuro-muscular function in order to maximize performance and long-term health.

NRG Fitness | Cincinnati, OH